What would you do with major lottery winnings?

We have a lot of chatter around here today about coming into a large amount of money, now that the Mega Millions jackpot is over $1 BILLION.

The questions is, what would ya do with all the cash?

I would start a foundation to help non-profit groups. Sure, I would take care of family and friends. I wanna help end child hunger and abuse for example.

Take a look at these stats, some will shock you! And then let us know what YOU would do!

  • 1. Scratch That Itch

    Around 37,000 people a year become stratch-ticket millionaires!

    Fayetteville lottery North Carolina

    A Fayetteville woman won $200,000 on a Mega Bucks scratch-off lottery ticket.

  • Jackpot!

    The larges US Lottery jackpot win was $1.59 in the Mega Millions!

    North Carolina Education Lottery Mega Millions Jackpot $660 million

    North Carolina you have a shot at $660 million in this Friday’s Mega Millions lottery drawing.

  • Be Careful Helping Others

    According to Best Life, most winners don’t actually blow it all on splurges.

    “They more often become broke because they want to help as many people as possible,” Best Life said. “Well, hitting the lottery can not only affect your relationship with your loved ones, but drain your money very quickly as well.”

  • Bankrupt

    An astounding 44-70 percent of all lottery winners end up going bankrupt.

  • Keep on Working

    There are a strange group of 48 percent of people who say they would keep working their day job if they won big.

  • What Would You Do?

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