8 Cool Things Steven Van Zandt Did Outside Of The E Street Band And ‘The Sopranos’ 

If the name “Supermensch” hadn’t already been taken, it might have been a good title for the new documentary about Steven Van Zandt. (Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon is a documentary about Alice Cooper’s longtime and much-beloved manager.) “Mensch,” if you didn’t know, is a Yiddish term that refers to someone with a great sense of honor and integrity, who does the right thing, and who is a solid and supportive friend. That describes Steven Van Zandt, who often puts a crazy amount of time and money into projects just because he believes in them (not necessarily because he believes they’ll be profitable). Usually, these are projects involving his friends, the preservation of rock and roll, social justice, or all of the above. So, we’re looking forward to seeing some of these projects addressed in Stevie Van Zandt: Disciple. As [inlink id="stevie-van-zandt-documentary" text="we previously reported"], it’s premiering on HBO on June 22. Many of these stories come up in his 2021 memoir, Unrequited Infactuations. Steven Van Zandt is a guy who makes things happen. He always seems to be at the center of the action, but he often points the spotlight at someone else. He’s the guy who drags unjustly forgotten artists back into the public eye, but he also champions new acts as well. You might see him in a small club watching one of the bands on his Wicked Cool Records label or sitting in the audience at a huge theater or arena concert. (This writer has personally sat near him and his wife Maureen at Queen, Rod Stewart and Paul Rodgers concerts.) He gives invaluable advice to rookies and legends alike.   He’s the ultimate consigliere, but his star power draws your attention whenever he’s in the room. But for all his talent as a producer, songwriter and musician, some of his coolest moments have been him making an idea happen. Here, we’ve assembled a list of just some of the cool stuff he’s done, not including his two most famous gigs: as Bruce Springsteen’s wingman in the E Street Band and as Tony Soprano’s sidekick, Silvio Dante, in HBO’s classic series The Sopranos.

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