New Exclusive Tinder Select Feature Costs Almost $500 A Month

Online dating just got a whole lot more expensive. It seems Tinder is throwing everything they can at the wall and seeing what sticks, from AI-assisted bio set up, and now to an all-new $500 a-month membership feature called Tinder Select. On the surface, it doesn't seem that much different from its more traditional membership tiers. According to Tinder's official website, Tinder Select grants members an elevated platform for their profiles to receive maximum visibility, as well as first dibs at the app's "most sought-after profiles" (can someone put that on a resume?). Select members will also be able to slide into users' DMs without matching twice a week. But these features, tempting as they may be, certainly don't justify the exorbitant price tag in my opinion. Tinder Select membership will cost users $499 a month, totaling out to a staggering $6,000 a year. But if Tinder Select is supposed to help you get dates more easily, why pay for an entire year? Well, as this article from TechCrunch posits, the major appeal behind this new membership tier could possibly be its extreme exclusivity. Memberships for this new feature will only be granted to less than 1% of Tinder's entire user base, which Tinder says is to, "ensure you receive the most exclusive experience possible." They can dress it up how they like, but I see Tinder Select as less of a dating tool and more of a status symbol. Oh, and if you have $500 to burn and want to apply for Select membership, well you're out of luck. As you can see on their site, Tinder is currently not taking applications for Select. But they do encourage you to check back in later so you can continue to give them your hard-earned mon-I MEAN so they can help you find your soulmate. Yeah, that's it!

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