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A Look at ‘The Worst’ Holiday Candies

During the holiday season, while cookies typically take center stage, there are plenty of alternative sweet treats to indulge in. Ranging from no-bake cookies to Rice Krispie Treat wreaths. However, one often overlooked category is holiday candy. recently unveiled its annual ranking of the least-favored Christmas candies, drawing insights from a survey of over 7,000 customers. At the top of the least-liked holiday candy list is… Claiming the top spot as the least-liked Christmas candy is Reindeer Candy Corn. This might not surprise many, given that it essentially retains the taste of regular candy corn. Although it sports a festive green and red appearance for the holiday season. One surveyor remarked, "So they just changed the color of candy corn and called it Reindeer Corn? Still tastes the same, still not a fan." Interestingly, some holiday cookie recipes suggest incorporating these colorful corns for a more festive aesthetic. Securing the second position on the undesirable list are Christmas Nougat candies. Described as chewy yet minty, these polka-dotted nougat candies evoke varied opinions among survey respondents. One participant commented, "I can't even stand looking at those nougat poker chips. They're ugly, taste weird, and feel strange." Ranking third on the list are Cherry Cordials. The survey indicates that they held the second spot on the worst Christmas candy list last year. A few years prior, they secured the fifth spot. For those unfamiliar with Cherry Cordials, they consist of a cherry covered in sweet cordial liquor and coated in chocolate. A survey participant expressed strong disapproval of the candy, stating, "Chocolate cordials with that strange liquid inside? Nope, not for me." The roster of less popular Christmas candies extends beyond the top three, including non-peppermint candy canes, Christmas Peeps, Chocolate Oranges, and Peppermint Bark, among others. Take a look at the complete list of the “worst” holiday candies here. [select-am am_id="406006" syndication_name="sweet-treats-delight-tastebuds"]

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