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Krispy Kreme Opens Its First Store In France With Delicious Results

Christmas came a little early for France, as its citizens got to celebrate the grand opening of the country's very first Krispy Kreme store. The legendary doughnut shop opened its doors in France on Wednesday, December 6 in Paris. Krispy Kreme has been an institution for southern sweets since its founding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina over 80 years ago. And now Paris will have to change its nickname to the City of Hot Light, as its warm glow will beckon Parisians to taste the delectable doughnuts. The grand opening of the store was treated with all the pomp and circumstance that every person who's tried Krispy Kreme knows it deserves. In the weeks leading up to the event, Krispy Kreme launched a massive campaign in which over 100,000 free doughnuts were handed out in different locations across the city. This all culminated in an event that felt more like the opening of an art gala than a doughnut shop. The scene was complete with a red carpet along the street and even a live DJ playing music as customers crowded around the store. Krispy Kreme's director general for France, Alexandre Maizoue boasted in an interview with AFP that about 3,000 customers came to the store on its opening day, making the event a smashing success. The store's already booming popularity among Paris residents gives Maizoue confidence in their future prospects, as he explains in the same interview. "I think we have some great years ahead of us," he said. In addition to the new store in France, the Krispy Kreme director general also promises home delivery of the baked goods starting next year, a new production site, and putting the yummy doughnuts in 500 stores within the next five years.

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