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The relationship between sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson has appeared to be rocky in the past handful of years, but Ann says there’s no rift between her and Nancy.

The tension stems from an incident in 2016 where Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, was arrested after he assaulted Nancy’s then 16-year-old twin sons backstage at a Heart show. However, when speaking with Rock Candy magazine, Ann said of the incident, “Things happen in families, and that was a really good example of something that happened within a family, and we worked it out.”

She added, “But the part that made it hard was that it happened in the public eye. If it had happened privately, we’d have got the family in a room and sat down and worked it out between us. Instead, the police were called, and this myth was born that Nancy and I were feuding, and we were at each other’s throats all the time. And it’s really not like that at all.”

Of course, that doesn’t seem to explain Nancy performing and potentially touring under the name Nancy Wilson’s Heart. As previously reported, Nancy Wilson’s Heart came to be after Nancy and Ann Wilson had a touring disagreement.

“Heart had a big offer on the table last year for a bigger tour, but Ann wasn’t interested in going out with my lineup of guys that we were out with before,” said Nancy. “She has a new lineup of guys that she wanted me to join up with. And I sort of [thought] I don’t really know them and don’t have loyalty yet for anybody like that.”

She continued, “So I just kind of shined it on and decided when I do go out with my new singer Kimberly [Nichole], I can telegraph to the people coming to the show that they’re gonna hear Heart songs in a whole different way than ever expected with… No comparison to Ann singing or Kimberly singing those same songs, just because it’s apples and oranges; you can’t compare that stuff. So I figure that’s a way to let them know that it’s not just Nancy Wilson of Heart doing whatever, but it’s Nancy Wilson’s Heart where you’re gonna hear more Heart stuff.”


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