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5 of the Best Bridgerton Bops We Can’t Get Enough Of

After a 2 year wait, Season 3 of Bridgerton was dropped on Netflix and the fans old and new are obsessed. Unlike the previous two seasons and prequel mini-series, they split Season 3 into two parts and it seems to have paid off. The First Part of Season 3 gained 45 million views in its first week. And the all of the internet is talking about the steamy sweet romance between Colin Bridgerton & Penelope Featherington. I'm a new Bridger-lover so I was blown away by the stolen glances, epic costumes, dramatic movements and amazing dialogue but I have to give credit to some of the modern connections with Bridgerton. They have really focused in on the most relatable things that you deal with in relationships (win money isn't a problem) and focus on all the fireworks. And I especially love the music because they have made orchestral versions of popular hit songs. And this season is no slouch. The Carriage Ride Bop Now the most talked about scene from the first part was the Carriage Ride scene. I can't post it because it gets very nsfw but I can set the mood...After years of denying his feelings, Colin chases down the carriage taking Penelope home and he professes his love. She has been the one waiting for this moment forever so they finally get out of the friend zone and proceed to kiss and get hot and heavy. The tune in the background is an amazing rendition of Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer's hit: Give Me Everything. I can't think of this song now without thinking of their hot and heavy scene. Now I know Netflix was impressed but even Mr. Worldwide was too: The song is viral on TikTok and on it's way to resurgence so that's what I call a big pay off! Let's check out some of the iconic throwbacks that have been Bridgerton'd!

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