Many of us have been there, indulging in late-night cravings or satisfying post-drinking munchies. Imagine the perfect food that satisfies your cravings. Think of greasy burgers oozing with cheese, pizzas topped with all your favorites, and irresistibly crispy fries that bring pure joy.

Online Casinos, a comparison site for safe online casinos, compiled data to uncover the ultimate drunken munchies in every state. For their survey, they contacted 1,010 individuals to gather insights on their drunk food preferences. The survey included over 700 participants from the United States and just over 300 from Canada. Specifically, they selected individuals who consumed at least one drink per week to ensure their survey captured relevant data.

They conducted a Google Trends analysis to identify the most famous “drunk foods” in each state and province. They utilized a list of the top 21 drunk foods and examined where each was most frequently searched.

What’s the most craved drunk food in North Carolina?

Regarding satisfying late-night cravings, North Carolina has a clear favorite: a burger. According to the study, burgers were the country’s top choice for drunk food. Sixteen states, including many in Middle America, consider burgers their ultimate go-to drunk food.

Other Findings

In seven states, along with Washington, D.C., chicken wings take the win as the number one drunk food choice. Following closely behind as a top choice are grilled cheese, nachos, pizza, kebabs, quesadillas, and burritos. In Nevada, breakfast food claims the top spot, while fish and chips reign supreme in Arizona. Over in Louisiana, fried chicken takes the lead, and Chinese food is the ultimate go-to in New Jersey. Pierogies steal the show in Pennsylvania, and mozzarella sticks are the undisputed favorite in Delaware.

What about drunken late-night restaurant chains?

The website also explored the top restaurants for satisfying late-night drunken cravings. Coming in at number one is Taco Bell. Right on its heels is McDonald’s, followed by Jack in the Box. Also, on their list of top choices is Waffle House. Rounding out the top choices is Domino’s. It’s not surprising that these restaurants have claimed the top spots. One major factor could be their late-night availability, which sets them apart from many other establishments.

Take a look at the complete study here.

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