Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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This year is all about organization. Having the proper storage so that you can have a clean kitchen and home can help you feel so much better in your home. Here are a few amazing storage containers that can declutter your kitchen.

  • Utensil Holder

    If you’re still using a drawer to store all of your utensils free up your drawer space with a utensil holder. We love this one because it has that farmhouse aesthetic that is wonderful.

  • Clear Storage Bins

    We all have a ton of cleaning products, right? I mean there are so many different solutions for cleaning and in my house, they’re just piled up under the kitchen sink. These storage bins are great for tidying up that space. You can store your cleaning products in them and make them much more organized and less cluttered.

  • Fruit Basket for Kitchen

    This detachable 5-tier stackable basket is great for folks who don’t have a lot of space in their pantries for extra things. This will give you some much need organizational space and is on wheels so it can easily be moved around.

  • Box Organizer

    Another great item for helping you keep things organized. From garbage bag boxes to food storage and everything in between in my house there are a lot of boxes under the sink. This allows you to keep everything organized and stacked better.

  • Storage Lid Container Holder

    To say I got chills when I saw this is an understatement. We all have Tupperware or some version of it. And honestly, there is never enough room. But, with this handy lid holder, you can take the Tupperware lids and organize them and stack your containers inside themself. Seriously this is an instant cart-add for me.

  • Kitchen Wrap Organizer

    Here is something that is incredibly useful! We have so many different types of kitchen wraps under the sink. Now you can add this to your organized kitchen and get a few more things off the ground under the sink.

  • Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

    Seriously, how cool is this?! Here’s a nifty way to keep things stored and organized. We love that the sections are labeled so that you can easily figure out what the purpose of each bag is.

  • Refrigerator Storage Containers

    Of course, we’re not going to do a list of different organizers to declutter your kitchen without including some of the most popular items on TikTok! Organize your fridge with these helpful containers. Store all of your favorite snacks and produce in them!

  • Food Storage Containers

    If you’re looking for something to contain your cereal and whatnot these are the perfect option for you. Not all cereal boxes are the same height and size. Having uniformed containers like these will help you store your food better, and can even get you a better idea of when you’re about to run out!

  • Over The Door Baskets

    If you’re not using over-the-door baskets for your cabinets yet you need to be. They give you an extra spot for storage and they don’t take up a ton of room.

  • Reusable Water Bottle Shelf

    Do you have a ton of reusable water bottles taking up cabinet space? This is a great option for you. Stack your water bottles on these shelves and free up some of the room and clutter.

  • Drawer Dividers & Splitters

    We absolutely love this idea. These are spring-loaded bamboo drawer dividers and they are about to help you stay organized. Section off utensils or other tools with these handy dividers.

  • Flatware Organizer

    Of course, we can’t forget the flatware. If you don’t already have a flatware organizer, or maybe you’re looking for a new one, this wooden organizer fits into most drawers really well. It’s expandable going from 13.2 inches up to 20 inches. It has up to 11 compartments for you to utilize.

  • Mop & Broom Holder

    Some people have their mops and brooms near their kitchen, and if that’s you we’ve got a great way for you to save space. Those items tend to take up a good chunk of space. This wall mount allows you to reduce that space and even get them up off the floor if you’d like.

  • Kitchen Aid Attachment Hanger

    For all the KitchenAid owners out there I’m absolutely losing it over this item. I feel like I never know where to put all of the different kitchen aid attachments, and this is going to solve that. This gets installed underneath your cabinets and has a special hook that connects to the end of your attachment! Now you can hang them up and never have to worry about where they need to go. 

  • Canning Jar Lid Ring

    If you have a lot of mason jars or you’re a canner this lid ring is a great organizer for you. It fits with mason jar ring lids.

  • Fruit Hammock

    A hammock for your fruit? Yes, please! I think this is such a cool idea. Not only can you watch your bananas and oranges just hang around, but you also can keep them up off of the counter so that they don’t get dirty.

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