Get free books for your Kindle with the Libby app.

We are all looking for ways to get free Kindle books. Well guess what? I figured it out!

I know my fellow booklovers out there will be thrilled to learn that I’ve figured out how to borrow books for my kindle (or any electric reading device) for the bargain price of FREE!

It all starts with your library card and the Libby app ( or in your app store as Libby).

During the numerous COVID shutdowns, public library usage was heavily affected, due to the social distancing constraints. But the Libby app swooped in and allowed library patrons the ability to borrow the latest and greatest books and download them directly to their electric reading device.

The instructions for how to make this work are below. But also, a very cool hack I’ve learned is that there are several libraries in the United States that will allow you to apply for and use their library cards for the Libby app!

This is exciting because it allows you to not have to wait for a certain title while getting free books for your Kindle! Your local library has a 16-week waiting list for “The Dummies Guide to Writing Blogs for Radio Stations?” No problem! Another library system across the country has it ready for you to download right now!

This is a great hack for homeschoolers as well. There is sometimes a small fee attached to some of the larger libraries for this privilege.

Ready to get some free Kindle books? Here is a step by step guide on how to Libby:

  • 1. Open Your App Store

    Libby is available on both Android and iOS devices. So just go to your appropriate app store.

  • 2. Search for Libby by OverDrive

    Free Kindle Books Libby

    Get free books for your Kindle with the Libby app.

    There are some similar sounding apps in there, but you want the Libby by OverDrive app for this.

  • 3. Install the Free App

    Shouldn’t take too long and it won’t take up much space on your phone!

  • 4. Tap Yes if You Have a Library Card

    If you’re already libraried up, just hit yes and give them your info. If not, you’re gonna need to apply for one first.

  • 5. Search for a Library

    If you’re from around here, you’ll be looking for the Cumberland County Public Library.

  • 6. Search by Your Location

    You’ll see several options come up if you just search by location. The North Carolina Digital Library is one, as well as the NC Kids Digital Library.

  • 7. Choose Your Library

    Just pick the one that applies to you. Note that for the North Carolina Digital Library and the NC Kids Digital Library, you will need to contact a library branch to get a card.

  • 8. Pick Your Book Platform

    Choose whether you want to read books on your Kindle (if you do this you have to have an account), or if you want to read in the Libby app.

  • 9. Tap Enter the Library

    Once you’re in, you can pick books and read away!

  • Step-by-Step Video

    Some friends from up North put this handy tutorial together if you’d like to watch something.

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