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Neil Young and his dispute with Spotify has led to some very interesting discourse within the rock community.

Young made countless headlines this week after demanding Spotify remove his music from the streaming service due to the Spotify-exclusive podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and its track record of spreading COVID misinformation. Young ultimately pulled his catalog from the service, but in the process, it’s led to a number of musicians to speak out on the matter.

Below are just some of the notable social media posts from various rock stars about Young vs. Spotify.

  • Perry Farrell

    Farrell made his support of Young crystal clear.

  • Peter Frampton

    Frampton also came out in support of Young and perhaps hinted his catalog might be the next to leave Spotify.

  • David Crosby

    Even though their relationship has been strained in recent years, Crosby stood in solidarity with his former bandmate.

  • David Draiman

    The Disturbed frontman shared his support of Spotify protecting free speech and then clarified in a follow-up tweet, “Let me be clear: I do not support ANY artist blackmailing any entity to follow an agenda THEY believe in, whether it’s Neil Young on one side of the spectrum or Eric Clapton on the other. Music shouldn’t be used to sow division. It should be used to bring people together IMHO.”

  • Jamey Jasta

    The Hatebreed vocalist took the moment to point out how little Spotify offers musicians in revenue tweeting, “Spotify doesn’t care Neil. Rogan is not your problem. Start your own streaming service where you pay bands more than what Spotify pays, then they’ll care.”

  • Zach Myers

    The Shinedown guitarist responded to Jasta’s tweet with, “He doesn’t have a problem with them paying artist crumbs .. but huge problem with a guy just free thinking. Super lolz.”

  • Sebastian Bach

    Bach quote-retweeted Jasta’s comments and said, “Misinformation about the vaccines is everybody’s problem. Neil Young is doing this because he wants rock and roll to exist and his fans to live. This other guy is a complete jackass who doesn’t give a shit about anybody or anything except himself.” Jasta responded with, “C’mon on my podcast to discuss, Twitter ain’t the place.”

    Bach would later tweet, “Imagine calling yourself a rocker yet siding with some dude who has a podcast over Neil Young. You can stick to listening to your podcast and I will stick to listening to Neil Young.”

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