The Joy family found plenty of joy in the snow around Fayetteville last weekend.

The snow still lingering around Fayetteville and the region will likely disappear soon, but you might want to keep an eye out on the weather, as snow could be coming yet again.

No, we aren’t as excited about what all the meteorologists are saying so far. And we don’t want you going out and getting ingredients for your milk sandwiches again. But if you’re into daydreaming about what might become, follow along as we take a look at some potential outcomes. (Also, Fayetteville, thanks for all your snow photos again!)

First off, nothing like what we saw last Friday night is coming. Let’s make that clear. But there is some unusual weather happening this week. We’ll see a “warmer” day on Tuesday, which should clear out all that snow and ice. But after that…watch out.

A high pressure system coming in from Alaska (where all things cold seem to come from), will send high temps into the lower 40s all week, and lows in the 20s. That’s pretty chilly.

And that all will set up a potential – albeit small – for Fayetteville to see snow again Friday or Saturday.

“Uncertainty remains in the forecast for the latter this week, where a system could bring the threat for wintry precip to eastern NC Friday – Saturday. Currently, there is low confidence in track, timing, and precipitation types/amounts, with variability across model guidance.”

Here’s what’s making that possible:

  • A Coastal System is Coming

    There’s a low pressure system building off the coast by the end of the week. That’s not unusual. We see these come through all the time.

  • But Will It Have the Right Timing?

    That’s the tricky part. If it brings precipitation to the area, we’ll see some rain. But if it brings precipitation to the area AND that high coming from Alaska hits around the same time… well now we might be cooking.

  • A Little Heads Up

    Our friends at NC Emergency Management talk a little about the potential here… but do mention it’s low confidence at this point.

  • Big Ideas, Bigger Heartbreak

    Latching yourself onto hopes for more snow here is probably not a good idea, as Chick Jacobs points out.

  • For Now, Just Have Fun!

    We got snow. That’s a win for us. And it wasn’t too bad for most anyone. Lots of people got to play in it. Check out the gallery below for our fan submissions. And share yours if you haven’t yet!

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