Taylor Swift just dropped her concert film for her Era’s tour — The Eras Tour — and soon we’ll get Beyoncé’s concert film, Renaissance. But here’s the thing: concert films throw a bit of a curveball at moviegoers, who are used to quietly enjoying a film. When it’s a concert film, are we allowed to get up and bust a move? Can we sing along? And moviegoers give you the side eye if you do?

Fans are being told to let loose during concert films.

Well, the good news is that fans are being told to “let loose” during these screenings. Major cinema chains like AMC and Cineworld have given the nod to ditching the usual theater rules. AMC Theatres has released a statement with guidelines ahead of the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film. They stated, “We encourage dancing and singing throughout this concert film event, but please do not dance on our seats or block other guests from viewing, safely walking or exiting the auditorium.”

The whole “let’s make it a party” idea came straight from Taylor Swift herself. In an Instagram post introducing the film, she informed her fans that singing and dancing are “highly encouraged.”

But let’s remember that concert films aren’t your typical movie night at the theater. They’re a chance to see your favorite artists’ tours up close, especially if you couldn’t secure rare and expensive concert tickets. Yet, there’s a potential risk that some fans may misconstrue the setting and behave as if they are at an actual concert.

Know before you go.

Certain cinemagoers have expressed similar concerns online. One X user shared their thoughts, saying, “probably an unpopular opinion but i hope others in the theater i’m in for the eras tour film actually treat it like a movie & not a concert.” They added that pre-show bracelet trading and pre-film sing-alongs are fine. But, according to this person,  belting it out during the movie when others can’t hear the artist is just plain rude.

Whether you have tickets for The Eras Tour film or plan to purchase them for Renaissance, there’s a different set of rules to follow.

  • Dress the Part, But Keep It Classy

    Much like a Barbie transformation, the Eras and Renaissance tour films will likely inspire fans to dress the part. Dressing up sets the mood for the film, but make sure your outfit doesn’t obstruct someone’s view or become too distracting. So, go ahead and wear your shiniest silver ensemble, but leave out the blinding lights.

    Young stylish woman wearing jacket with shining sequins on the city street with neon lights

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  • Don't Be a Show-Stealer

    Feel free to sing and dance your heart out during Beyoncé’s Renaissance film, but remember to be considerate of others. Avoid dancing on seats or blocking the view of fellow audience members. Just think about the annoying things you’d hate at a concert or in a movie, like talking during the best parts or causing someone’s seat to shake.

    Group of friends sitting in multiplex movie theater and watching comedy movie. Young people watching movie in cinema and laughing.

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  • Time is of Essence

    Treat these films like live shows. Arrive early to soak in the excitement before the lights dim. Avoid being that person who shuffles through the aisles once the show begins. Use the extra time to snap photos with fellow fans or admire giant posters of your favorite star.

    Two young Caucasian women are in the cinema hall, excited to see a movie, carrying popcorn, beverages and tickets in their hands.

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  • Bathroom Breaks

    Make sure to visit the restroom beforehand. If nature calls during the show, try to time your break between songs to minimize distractions. Much like live shows, the Eras and Renaissance films run for nearly three hours.

    entrance to the male and female toilet. Sign in airport.

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  • Keep Phones at Bay

    Your phone screen can be a nuisance to those around you, and the sound can disrupt the movie experience. If you absolutely need to use your phone, step out of the theater. Remember, everyone else paid to be there, just like you.

    A young adult woman is checking the seats for the movie projection in the theater on her mobile app.

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