Happy Pi Day! Here's the best "pie" deals in North Carolina.

Calling all math nerds and foodies alike: National Pi Day is on the way! And to celebrate the momentous mathematical occasion, many restaurants and grocery stores in North Carolina are offering limited-time deals and discounts on pizzas and baked goods.

National Pi Day occurs every year in reverence of the mathematical concept of Pi, a number used to calculate the circumference of a circle with its diameter. Pi is also a seemingly “endless” number, which most people tend to round off to 3.14. Thus, March 14 is the designated date that we celebrate the peculiar mathematical constant.

March 14th is also the birthday of renowned physicist Albert Einstein, which many in the scientific community celebrate concurrently with Pi Day.

Over time, however, National Pi Day has been adopted by many restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores as a way of selling pies and pizzas at discounted prices. Even the official Pi Day website recommends celebrating the holiday by baking pies and eating other foods that start with “pi” like pineapples and pickles.

They also suggest celebrating with a Pi Day workout and a 3.14-mile run, but we’re just going to ignore all that. Back to the food!

Luckily there are many food joints and stores here in North Carolina that are celebrating National Pi Day. Many nationally sold food brands are also getting in on the fun with discounts of their own. Here are a few tasty deals you can take advantage of for National Pi Day in North Carolina this week!

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