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Happy National Best Friends Day! While on the surface, this may seem like one of those “fake” holidays you often see, there’s actually some history behind it.

According to Calendarr.com, U.S. Congress declared June 8 as National Best Friends Day back in 1935. Why June 8, though? That date was chosen due to it falling between spring and summer, so the weather would likely be nice enough to enjoy an outdoor activity with your BFF.

However, the holiday really took off thanks to social media. Various platforms provide a fun, easy way to share photos of your best friend along with hashtags like #NationalBestFriendsDay.

As with any holiday, a little celebrating is in order. Here are just some of our favorite best friends from film and TV. Enjoy!

  • Bill and Ted ('Bill and Ted' Franchise)

    If your friend’s dad threatened military school if you two flunked your history class, you’d travel through time to pull out all the stops to keep your friend at your school, too!  

  • Romy and Michele ('Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion')

    Going to your ten-year high school reunion is kind of like time travel. For Romy and Michelle, it’s their way to stick it to the “A-Group” who bullied them for those formative four years.

  • Cory and Shawn ('Boy Meets World')

    Few friendships are as beloved as Cory and Shawn. Boy Meets World fans saw them grow up from middle school to college and all of the ups and downs that come with those years.

  • Evan and Seth ('Superbad')

    Evan and Seth are graduating from high school and are about to go their separate ways to college, but there’s nothing that brings two friends together than the hopes of potentially hooking up with their dream girls at the biggest party of their lives.

  • Daria and Jane ('Daria')

    They don’t fit in and are too sardonic for Lawndale High or really any high school in existence. Thankfully, they have each other to lean on and viewers got to make fun of their fellow classmates with them.

  • Jay and Silent Bob (View Askewniverse)

    Think of them like a super-rude, modern version of The Odd Couple. Their shenanigans throughout the entire “View Askewniverse” honestly deserve their own list.

  • Wayne and Garth ('Saturday Night Live'/'Wayne’s World I & II')

    Bound together thanks to rock and roll and an amazing cable access show, Wayne and Garth were “goals” decades before that phrase became a thing.

  • Harry and Lloyd ('Dumb & Dumber' films)

    They should be too dumb to function, but Harry and Lloyd’s absurd stupidity leads them to equally absurd adventures. At the end of the day, they truly do care about each other. Also, Harry is right; you can’t triple stamp a double stamp.

  • Harold and Kumar ('Harold and Kumar' Franchise)

    Desperately trying to satisfy the munchies, escaping Gitmo and finding a new Christmas tree. Is there nothing these two stoners can’t do?!

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