Did you know that many foods are still perfectly fine to eat after their "Best By" date?

Are you an obsessor over the “Best By” date on your food?

Let me tell you how to ruin a really good Saturday morning? The moment you open your eyes, you can all but taste that first cup of coffee. You dash into the kitchen, make that coffee, in goes the sweetener followed by the milk. You stir it up and take your first sip. At that second you know what the problem is. The milk is sour and without milk, coffee just isn’t coffee. Yuck!

On a related note, recently TheSun.com compiled a list of foods that according to an expert, can safely be eaten “after” their “Best By” date has passed. Also, based on how much we are paying for food these days, the last thing we want to do is throw it out.

To help combat a lot of food waste, some organizations are switching to a “Best Before” date on many products. The idea being that people are more likely to still consume some foods using their judgment of suitability, rather than immediately throwing it out because the “Best by” date has passed.

It’s a subtle shift, but an important one when it comes to how much food is thrown out that doesn’t necessarily need to be. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all products, but for those that it makes sense to keep around a little longer.

Check out the list below of food that is probably still ok to consume after that “Best By” date.

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