Some of us are perfectly okay with romance on a budget. But sometimes coming up with inexpensive date ideas can be a challenge. That’s why we came up with a list of the perfect inexpensive date ideas.

Dating Perspective

These days, people often meet on social media, dating apps, and through friends. And more people are opting for less formal first dates. It gets pricey paying for multiple dates at an expensive restaurant. Verywell Mind, a mental health platform listed some of the common reasons people are opting for “cheap” dates. Some of the reasons include inflation taking a toll on people’s monthly budgets, having bigger-than-expected housing costs, they’re just saving up, and others. But the good news is that dates don’t have to go on hold or be a problem for someone due to limited finances.

Collin Rutherford went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, after sharing his inexpensive date night idea called “bottle night.” He and his girlfriend lock their phones, turn off the TV, and each grab a bottle of wine and talk. This style date is something they do just to “enjoy each other’s presence.” Although many people just considered it “getting drunk and hanging out,” the thought behind it seems lighter on the pockets than most dates.

You Don’t Have to Stay In For An Inexpensive Date

Unlike Rutherford’s date idea, there are serval date options that don’t involve sitting at home. And of course, that type of date is generally best when you know each other well. But some workarounds that can help a date be more budget-friendly include using coupons or vouchers, finding a place with perks like a bar with a trivia night and prizes on the line, and searching up some free local events.

Inexpensive dates can alleviate your social anxiety on a first date and the financial stress of any date. Take a look at 6 inexpensive date ideas below.

  • Coffee Date

    This date is a personal favorite because it’s not overly complicated. Coffee dates are casual and very low pressure. It allows you and your date to talk in a relax environment. Bonus points, if you make a local coffee shop. Local coffee shops often have a more intimate setting.

    Romantic date. Charming girl and her boyfriend sitting at the table and holding cups of coffee

    YakobchukOlena/ Getty Images

  • Walk A Scenic Trail

    By no means are we talking about an intense hike up and down mountains and hills. But a simple nature trail will do the trick. This kind of date gives you both a chance to enjoy nature and create a memorable experience. You can even plan for a sunrise or sunset walk for added romance. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

    Close up shot of couple hiking in field, holding hands. Nature outdoors. Caucasian couple. Sport, freedom, holiday concept.

    LuckyBusiness/ Getty Images

  • Sip Date At A Brewery Or Wine Tour

    There are several local breweries and wineries that offer tours throughout their establishment. These establishments usually have fun tours that break down the process of how their product is made. Sharing the experience with your partner is even better because you’ll get to talk about what you both think of the drinks. Some breweries and tours include tastings and often start at just $15 per person. Sometimes these places offer games and live music.

    Young man and woman at the bar with different types of beers. Couple at brewery bar and tasting beers.

    jacoblund/ Getty Images

  • Go On A Picnic

    Picnic dates are a classic. You can get as elaborate as you want to and work it into any budget. You can have a picnic almost anywhere as long as there’s a place to drop a picnic blanket or a table for eating. Other than having food on hand, it wouldn’t hurt to have a card game handy or a Bluetooth speaker at hand to prevent awkward moments. Just a heads up, this date involves careful planning. If it’s peak sunshine and mosquito season, be sure to pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

    Young couple enjoying picnic

    Paul Bradbury/ Getty Images

  • Volunteer Date

    Volunteer dates can work really well for established couples. They can create new opportunities to meet people and make couple of friends. Obviously, a volunteer date may not be a good idea if you’re separated the entire time. So, this one may require a bit of research. Unless you’re looking to add a bit of adventure  or something different to your date.

    Two humanitarian people working in community charity donation center. Volunteers putting food and other supplies in donation boxes. Focus on a middle aged man and blonde woman wearing eyeglasses.

    zamrznutitonovi/ Getty Images

  • Antiquing And Thrifting

    Garage sales, estate sales, antiquing, thrifting, whichever you choose can make for a fun budget-friendly date. It’s like a scavenger hunt where you don’t know what the items are you’re supposed to find. But whatever you two may find you can always laugh and bond about it. There’s even the possibility of a fashion show if you find yourself in a place with a load of vintage clothes. The same concept can also be applied to bookstores and music stores.

    Young couple shopping in thrift store, man trying on hat, side view

    Chad Baker/Jason Reed/Ryan McVay/ Getty Images

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