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‘Twas the middle of November, and Bob was feeling frisky;
So he threw a plan at ol’ Santa, that’s rather quite risky;

“Hey Santa, what if we gave the people some cash”;
BOB exclaimed to his pal, before Santa got trashed;

“But BOB, you’re supposed to give gifts wrapped with bows,
Not just paper – that’s impersonal – everyone knows”;

But BOB wasn’t feeling ol’ Santa the grump,
So he decided to do it in spite of that chump;

So with some help from a friend, who you won’t really know,
BOB has set up a plan to get you that dough;

It’s really quite simple, just find BOB’s Secret Santa out and about;
And tell him one phrase, but be VERY specific NO DOUBT;

Find BOB’s Secret Santa and utter this phrase:
“Are YOU the BOB Secret Santa?” but don’t paraphrase!

Your words must be exact and precise;
That’s how we’ll know, who’s been naughty and nice.

Now away you should find them out in the city;
And if you do, it’s a party and never a pity.

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Maybe you’ll get the cash to shed holiday blues.

What you win:

You could win $500 from BOB's Secret Santa!

How to enter:

To enter, you must find the BOB Secret Santa out in public based on clues given in emails sent to our BOB Squad members. You can sign up for free at

Based on the clues, find the Secret Santa by just asking the very specific phrase: "Are YOU the BOB Secret Santa?" If you find them, you'll be a qualifier for the cash prize. If you don't find them, you'll probably just get a lot of people looking at your strangely, but at least it'll be fun!

If you've found the BOB Secret Santa, they will give you a card with more information. So don't be fooled by anyone who says yes, they are probably just trying to fool you. You've only qualified if you get that card from the Secret Santa!