‘Twas the middle of November, and Bob was feeling frisky;
So he threw a plan at ol’ Santa, that’s rather quite risky;

“Hey Santa, what if we gave the people some cash”;
BOB exclaimed to his pal, before Santa got trashed;

“But BOB, you’re supposed to give gifts wrapped with bows,
Not just paper – that’s impersonal – everyone knows”;

But BOB wasn’t feeling ol’ Santa the grump,
So he decided to do it in spite of that chump;

So with some help from a friend, who you won’t really know,
BOB set up a plan to get you that dough;

It’s really quite simple, BOB’s Secret Santa will be out and about;
He’ll be looking for you, so be in the spirit, NO DOUBT;

BOB’s Secret Santa will be surprising some folks with cash and some gifts,
And you don’t have to do anything but exist.

Now the where and then aren’t exact and precise;
But he’ll be certainly looking for who’s been naughty and nice.

Now away we will go, out on the town;
To celebrate Christmas and make smiles from frowns.

A special thanks to our friends for providing the gifts;
Please visit their businesses and give spirits some lifts.

What you win:

BOB's Secret Santa will be out surprising people with holiday gifts. You don't have to do anything other than exist!

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