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7 No-Nos That Spell Bad Etiquette at Concerts

Concerts are all about good vibes and enjoying great music. But sometimes, there's an annoying side to the experience: dealing with bad concert etiquette. While most attendees understand the need for respect and consideration, a few don't get it. From talking during quiet moments to excessive smartphone use, it's safe to say that not everyone gets the memo on how to keep the concert vibe alive. Unruly Concert Fans With Taylor Swift's Eras Tour and Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour breaking records and drawing massive crowds, many concertgoers have found themselves dealing with less-than-ideal behavior from their fellow music enthusiasts. In fact, videos have surfaced showcasing artists dealing with unruly fans. From Cardi B to Pink Remember that incident with Cardi B? She threw a microphone into the crowd after someone chucked a drink at her during a concert. And let's not forget when Harry Styles got smacked in the eye by a piece of candy in Vienna, and Bebe Rexha needed stitches because she got hit by a mobile phone in New York. And Pink had quite the surprise when someone decided to scatter their mother's ashes on stage during her show in London. But maybe the most jaw-dropping moment was when Ava Max got slapped by a concertgoer right in the middle of her performance in Los Angeles. Some people speculate that the extended break from live music during the pandemic might have brought in a wave of post-COVID attendees who are still learning the ropes of concert etiquette. According to the LA Times, many people link this issue to COVID-19, suggesting that the pandemic may have affected our social skills. While the pandemic did have a significant impact, the LA Times argues that it's time to stop using it as an excuse for unruly behavior, especially since by the end of 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns have ended, and restrictions have eased. So, what are some concert no-nos that count as bad etiquette? Check out our list below.

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