Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents can help keep pesky mosquitos away with free dunks available from the Health Department.

If you’re looking for a free way to help get rid of mosquitos in and around Fayetteville this summer, the Cumberland County Department of Public Health has just the solution.

Cumberland County residents can head to the Health Department to pick up two-month supplies of Mosquito Dunks to help keep the pesky critters away. The County says the dunks help kill mosquito larvae and is non-toxic to fish, birds, wildlife and your pets. (Unless you keep mosquitos as pets, which would be weird.)

“The round-shaped product is placed in water, where it floats. The dunks work by letting mosquito eggs hatch,” the County said in a news release. “Each dunk will be effective for 30 days in standing water and will cover 100 square feet of surface. It can be used in lakes, fishponds, bird baths, flowerpots, drainage ditches, aquatic gardens and decorative ponds, flood-control basins, unused swimming pools and other areas where standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Printed instructions are available.”

Keeping mosquitos away helps with several important things in Fayetteville – least of which is the annoying buzzing around your face. It also helps stop airborne illnesses like West Nile virus, La Cross and Eastern equine encephalitis, and other illnesses.

“In addition to mosquito dunks, citizens can use other mosquito control methods, including the ‘tip and toss’ method,” the County said. “Tip over any containers that have standing water including tires, flowerpots, buckets, jars and barrels. Replace water in bird baths weekly. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as an ounce of water.”

You can get your free Mosquito Dunks in the Environmental Health section of the third floor of the Health Department in Fayetteville. It’s at 1235 Ramsey Street, and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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