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Freddie Mercury loved cats, and there are ample photos to prove it. However, this cat might just be Freddie reincarnated.

Meet Mostaccioli, an adorable stray cat that was adopted by her owner, Natalie, in August 2020, according to the Daily MailSo, why do so many people think this cat looks like Mercury? Just look at that “mustache”!

Daily Mail notes, “As for Mostaccioli’s brilliant mustache, it wasn’t very noticeable at first but has since grown into a very impressive shape — and social media users love it.”

So, there you have it: A cat that looks like Freddie Mercury. Is this a silly thing to write about? Yes, but a little more than a week into 2022, it’s the most wholesome thing that’s happened, so find your happiness wherever you can.

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