Las Vegas is the most sinful city in the country, but what about the good folks here in North Carolina?

When it comes to maybe having a little too much fun, it’s no secret that Las Vegas is the most sinful city in the United States – but what about here in North Carolina?

The good folks at are doing more of their year-end lists, and today we take a look at the naughtiest cities around the country. (See the top 5 ranking below)

Here in the Tarheel State, our good friends over in Charlotte take the most sinful city spot with an overall ranking of No. 54 on the list. Charlotte was in the top 30 for metrics like “lust” and “vanity”, which put it one spot below Huntington, West Virginia, and one spot about Richmond, Va.

Fayetteville checked in at an almost-saintly No. 75 overall, with our greed, vanity and laziness marks all making us look like the angels we know we are.

Here’s the look at all the North Carolina cities on the list:

  • Charlotte – 54
  • Fayetteville – 75
  • Greensboro – 95
  • Raleigh – 111
  • Durham – 149
  • Winston-Salem – 156

The best-behaved city in the country is apparently Port St. Lucie, Fla. Tucked nicely between Miami and Orlando, the folks on the beach down there are minding all their P’s and Q’s.

Source: WalletHub

The Most Sinful Cities in the United States

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