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Twas the day after Christmas,
And all through the land;

Everyone was sick of the music,
Bob had switched to for jams.

For we could only hear,
So many jingles and bells;

And Mariah Carey was making us,
Go crazy as … well, it was rough, OK.

But what do our wondering ears,
at midnight start to hear?

It’s Frankie Goes to Hollywood,
Jamming “Relax” with a cheer.

And Foreigner followed ol Frankie on air,
So we knew that Christmas was over this year.

Bob’s thankful you made it through our
little ol’ Santa cosplay phase.

And he’s rewarding you with cash,
in the upcoming days.

And we heard Santa exclaim,
as he rode out of site;

“Merry Christmas to all,
and to all, here’s some 80s music for your parties tonight.”

That’s right, BOB is back! The 80s and more have returned and we’re thrilled to have all of our BOB family right here with us as we prepare for a HUGE 2020. We have so much fun planned, and can’t wait to give away great prizes and loads of cash!

Thanks to all of our loyal BOB listeners for sticking it out through the wonderful holiday season. And welcome to all our new friends who have just joined the BOB journey! Forgive us a little in the coming days as we go through our Christmas cleanup (stop judging, your decorations aren’t down yet either!).

Happy New Year!

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.