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A BOB Holiday Poem

‘Twas the first of November, and Bob’s on the air;
Playing all of your favorites, with no time to spare;

The 80s were jamming, as they always do;
But Bob had an idea for some fun through and through;

The kids were all sent off to school with a fight,
With tummy aches from all of their candy last night;

With moms and dads off to work with a nudge,
Bob found a surprise that could brighten their grudge;

When out from our speakers arose such a clatter,
We had to check out why the 80s did scatter;

Bob sprang to the studio with utter delight;
For his music is changing for about four fortnights;

“Fifty-four days until Christmas! Has Bob just gone crazy?;
Santa hasn’t even had his turkey dressing, or gravy;”

But Bob wasn’t deterred by the noise or the chatter,
For his holiday spirit had grown so much, that’s what mattered.

And so with a flip of a switch the tunes starting playing;
Ol’ Rudolph and Sleigh Bells and Brenda Lee’s swaying;

But Bob isn’t stopping just at Christmas music and jams,
Oh no, this ol’ elf has some big holiday plans;

As if great Christmas songs weren’t a good enough reason,
Bob’s brought Santa along for some prizes this season;

That’s right Bob’s doing more than just humoring himself,
He’s turning right into, a bright jolly elf;

So watch out this month for Bob, Santa and friends;
And you might find yourself with some cash you can spend;

Lots of prizes and fun and holiday goodies in store;
But wait friends, just wait, we’ll have so very much more;

Keep it tuned into Bob for these holiday reasons:
Music, prizes, fun times, and surprises all season;

Bob loves seeing good being done all around;
And with his buddy, ol’ Santa he’ll know what’s gone down;

So be on the look out for Bob the big clown;
And enjoy all the fun he has planned around town;

And as he kicks off the music with some joy and delight;
We heard Bob exclaim, “Merry Christmas, good night”

That’s right! You heard it correct. For the next 54 days, Bob is YOUR CHRISTMAS STATION!

And as the poem said, this is way more than just music. Bob has big plans to be all over the place giving out awesome Christmas prizes…and there will even be a Secret Santa with BIG cash prizes!

Tune in today and watch for more surprises all holiday season. While we know it’s a little early, there’s so much fun we have in store, we just couldn’t wait any longer!

Happy Holidays from the entire 96.5 BOB FM family to yours!

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.