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Michael Rapaport Just Restrained A Passenger While On A Flight

Michael Rapaport intervened during a frightening experience on a plane today.

The actor, who was on a plane that departed Houston, Texas, saw a passenger on the plane attempt to open the emergency door while the plane was in the air.

According to witnesses, Rapaport jumped out of his seat and personally restrained the man.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting the man was questioned after the incident, but was sent back to his seat after telling the flight crew he accidentally mistook the door for the bathroom.

Alrighty then.

The flight continued and landed without further incident.

Talk about a scary ordeal for everyone on board the plane.

Ted Kenney on Twitter

@MichaelRapaport just stopped a guy on our plane from opening emergency door. No joke. Mr New York jump right up and stopped it, no hesitation. Thanks Mike!!!

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