For those who are nostalgic, you are not alone.

I was born in 1992, a year when people weren’t obsessed with smartphones, the smell of finely-printed newspapers was in the air and grandma was forced to buy Christmas presents at the mall, not on her computer. I live in the past. If I had one wish, I’d invent the time machine myself and take a trek back to my childhood.

There were many good things about the 90s, especially the fun days in elementary school. School is not what it used to be. Technology has become integrated into the classroom. Kids use iPads more often in place of traditional notebook paper and pencils. They do their homework on laptops. Teachers use interactive classroom projectors. Gone are the days of overhead projectors that would get so hot you could burn your hand! School supplies were actually fun. Oh, and recess! I’ll leave it at 4 Square and Kickball.

Let’s go back to the 90s with these 12 flashbacks that kids of the decade will never forget.

The Parachute

Now, this is how gym class is done!

(Photo by By Sergey Novikov/

The Pencil Sharpener

The loudest piece of equipment that would undoubtedly disrupt the learning environment.


(Photo by Barry Blackburn/


The Eraser Caps

A No. 2 pencil wasn’t complete without one of these!

(Photo by By Raymond Kasprzak/

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