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"Lady Gaga Diss Track" Madonna Song Charts In 8 Countries, Vanishes

We love Lady Gaga, so don't get us wrong when we say this - but this song would have been a hit. 

The song "Two Steps Behind Me" or later called "Behind Me" on iTunes is a song talking about how someone basically ripped Madonna off, studied her, wanted to be her. From beefs past, it was said that Madonna thought Lady Gaga was a copycat of herself, despite the fact that Madonna's Manager Guy Oseary says the song is not about Lady Gaga, or anyone in particular.

Guy Oseary on Twitter

@EDXCX that song is NOT about gaga or anyone in particular.

The song abruptly disappeared after appearing on iTunes, and according to NME's citation of Gay Timesthe song attracted enough attention to chart inside the top 50 in eight countries. The song was an unreleased demo and was recorded during her sessions for Rebel Heart. Looking at how beef / diss tracks reign well around here (citations: Taylor Swift - "Bad Blood," Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE," and Drake - "Back To Back"), this may have actually made Rebel Heart a more sought after album if she was throwing shade at Gaga.

Check the track below of what was found on YouTube. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to listen to the one that was on iTunes before it vanished.

Madonna - "Two steps behind Me" (Dedication to Lady Gaga)

Uploaded by Arturo Np on 2015-01-28.


Madonna on Twitter

@Madonna 's Behind Me (feat. Guido Dos Santos) is on iTunes link here: https://t.co/rHcdN4gHvX


Do you think the track is about Lady Gaga?


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